Happy New Year from Caduceusblog. Expect some great articles in the coming months!

I wanted to take this time to wish all my readers, friends, and family the very best in the new year, and to thank you for your continued support. I’ve had several friends and colleagues express interest in posting here and I would like to extend a re-invitation to all of you, if you’ve got a perspective on the medical field that you would like to share, by all means, feel free to share it here.

I am really excited about the prospects for the future of Caduceusblog, and some of the posts I have lined up. The first is my perspective on our country’s mental health system and why it is failing people like Adam Lanza. Another is about non-practicing physicians in powerful places who take money from pharma, which I think will surprise you. And of course my usual rambling on the merits and faults of my EHR (I think I’m falling out of love).

I’m taking the holiday week off, but will be back with a new post on Saturday, January 5th, and will continue to post every other Saturday. If you would like to get in touch with me, my email address is: deep@caduceusblog.com Thank you once again, and Happy New Year!

-Deep Ramachandran



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