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Top 5 CPAP Travel Tips from a Sleep Doctor and CPAP User.

Sleep Apnea is a condition that aflicts millions of people.  There are 2 types of sleep apnea, central, and obstructive. Obstructive is by far the most common, and is usually what is referred to when people talk about “sleep apnea”. Obstructive … Continue reading

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5 Ways Healthcare Reform May Impact Medical Education

Guest Post by Ta’Rikah Jones Unless Congress completely smothers the Affordable Care Act (ACA), its changes will shake healthcare to the foundations as millions of people gain access to insurance and expanded medical care. The ACA’s goal is to move … Continue reading

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“When I Was a Resident”: How Duty Hour Rules Are Creating a Lost Generation of Physicians.

  This article was written by a Pulmonary, Critical Care Fellow who completed residency after recent resident duty hour restrictions went into effect. During my internal medicine residency, we were allowed to work  a maximum of 30 hours per shift. … Continue reading

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Why Medical Education Should Embrace Social Media

Social Media and Medical Education: Access Denied. -By Rebecca Hastings, D.O. I have never been very computer or tech savvy.  I’m not up-to-date on the latest technology, but I do have a smart phone and a laptop which I use … Continue reading

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