Top 10 Advances in Medicine (6-10)

I’ve been thinking lately about all the great advances in medicine over the years. There have been lots of them. And despite everything you’ve heard about looming cuts in healthcare, I have no doubt that the hits will keep on coming. Since I seem to be on this Top 5 thing lately, I figured I would continue this ride and rank my top 10 medical advances over the years. There had to be a few ground rules before putting together a list like this. I’m a medical doctor ranking medical therapies, and so surgical advances can take up space on someone else’s server. And just to be clear,  since it’s been awhile since I’ve treated malaria and cholera, I’m going to stick to western world problems and western world drugs.  I’m also not the young idealist I once was, so public policy initiatives, like seat belts, clean drinking water, and vaccinated babies are being tossed out with the bathwater. No, we’re talking about good old fashioned chemicals with long complicated names produced in soot belching factories and administered in our nations pharmacies and hospitals with epic markups to ensure future stock gains research funding.
So without further delay, and with no pre-authorization required, here is the latter half of the top 10 medical advances.

10. Psychiatric Meds. One has only to look at the CDC’s list of the top causes of mortality in America to see the logic behind this choice, as suicide rounds out the top 10 causes of death. But psychiatric problems also have a much greater impact beyond suicide. Problems like depression and anxiety often exacerbate other medical conditions, increasing the risk of complications.  They put strain on family members and cause lost productivity and income. They are one of the most common reasons for enrollment in disability. Continue reading “Top 10 Advances in Medicine (6-10)”