Marriage and Motorcycles.

Being married to a transplant physician tends to give one a different perspective on life, and in particular, risk taking. For example I’m embarrassed to admit I rarely climb ladders anymore unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Between you and me, the last time I had to change a lightbulb in the garage, instead of using a ladder, I stood on the roof of my wife’s S.U.V. (note to self, need to make up story explaining dent on roof of S.U.V.).
But I must admit, I do have a terrible weakness for speed. And while said weakness has been limited to things with four wheels, I’ve always toyed with the notion of someday getting a motorcycle. I never took up motorcycle riding in my younger years, but now as I see older and older people leisurely riding their hogs, and parking their chrome babies in handicapped designated spots, I wonder; could it really be that risky?
The other day, as we were taking a drive on a minimally trafficked two lane road, a couple of kids went flying by us on sportbikes at near triple digit speeds.
My immediate response; “AWESOME! I WANT ONE!”
My wife’s response; “Young . . . healthy. . . perfect candidates for organ harvesting!”

My desire to ride motorcycles has since waned. Continue reading “Marriage and Motorcycles.”