What is CaduceusBlog?

Several years ago, as a medical student, I found myself sitting on a brick wall in an obscure part of a poor city in a far away third world country. I was struck by two things which ultimately drove me to seek out Dr. Ganti to help to me create what would become the Caduceus newspaper. The first was wonder. Yes, wonder, as in “I wonder why the hell there is a camel on the campus of this medical school?”

We never did find the answer to that question, but apparently the camel was as confused as we were. But the camel was just the beginning, as we were surrounded by this huge medical campus, country, and culture that we understood little about. The second was boredom, as pre-twenty-first century Porur did not have quite the entertainment options that one would hope for.

 It’s funny though, that those same sentiments have been creeping back into my psyche. Now as a practicting physican in Michigan, I find myself part of a huge medical system, with a maze of administrational red tape. I work with hospital and insurance systems that I have little understanding of. And just like that, I’m starting to think that I have more in common with that camel than I ever realized. And I must admit, there is a sense of occasional boredom too.

For while we’ve all grown professionally and personally, there are days, caught up in the routine of our jobs that the little voice in the back of my head starts getting louder “wasn’t this supposed to be more fun?”. And that’s what the original Caduceus was about, it was inquisitive, it was entertainment, it was an escape, an outlet, and it was fun.

So now it’s time to start again, and just like before, it won’t work if I do it on my own, this is a community project. Except this time we’re not talking about our old med school anymore. We’re talking about our hospital, our practice, our medical system, our job, and how they affect our lives.  Whatever your niche is in this strange world that we call the American health care system, there’s a voice for it here.


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