Q: “You’re a foreigner, yet your English is impeccable how is that possible?”
A:We were fortunate in that, at a very young age, Rosetta Stone was conducting Beta testing in our village.

Q: How do you pronounce your name? I’m not even going to try it, is that Indian?
A: Yes it is Indian, however it has been translated into English for your convenience. We realize that English is a difficult language. To pronounce it you will have to sound it out phonetically using complex linguistic principles that you learned in the first grade.

Q: So you grew up here, but you went to medical school in India?
A: Our parents offered to take us on a trip to India, but when we got there, they told us that our ticket was only one way.

Q: Do you eat meat?
A:Yes. But only because we are heathens.

Q: Do you worship cows?
A: Yes, particularly with special sauce.

Q:Do you celebrate Christmas?
A: Yes, but in the same you celebrate Halloween.

Q: Does the weird head-nod mean yes or no?
A: Absolutely.

Q: How long does it take to get to India?
A: It depends on how far you live from New Jersey.

  • Chandar

    you are a funny man, deep. should have gone on CNN and done something outrageous and made the national news. could have been the start of your political career. NEXT TIME…