Top 5 Trivial Things No One Taught Me in Training.

Since medical school, I’ve gone through an additional 6 years of training, read countless volumes of medical literature, and had the fortune of having some great teachers. Through it all, experience has been the greatest teacher, which I suppose is what training is about. I’ve watched with interest as advice has been hashed out on the web around this time of year to new trainees on all matter of subjects. And much of it is good and useful, to be sure.
Being the helpful person that I am, I naturally want to do my part. What, I thought, could I contribute to this discussion that hasn’t been said already?
To that end I’ve come up with my own list of of trivial and only slightly helpful tidbits of information, based on my own experiences over the last 11 years post graduation. Here I give you my top 5 list of things that no one ever told me in medical training. . .but should have. Enjoy. Continue reading “Top 5 Trivial Things No One Taught Me in Training.”