Motorcycle Accident Medical Claims Increase After Michigan Rescinds Helmet Law.

I wrote last year about the Michigan Legislature’s bold move to help improve the chances of people waiting to receive an organ transplant (see article here). As I discussed in that article, motorcycle riders are among the best organ donors, because they tend to be young and otherwise healthy.  A recent insurance industry study found that after only one year, the push to increase organ donation may be paying off.

A recent study reported by the Detroit News shows that the average motorcycle claim since the motorcycle helmet law was rescinded increased from $5,410 to $7,257. After adjusting for confounders and data from surrounding states, the increase was 22 percent. An increase in claims of course does not translate to an increase in the number of donor organs. Perhaps we need another law asking that motorcycle riders also indicate their organ donor status. . .

Marriage and Motorcycles.

Being married to a transplant physician tends to give one a different perspective on life, and in particular, risk taking. For example I’m embarrassed to admit I rarely climb ladders anymore unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Between you and me, the last time I had to change a lightbulb in the garage, instead of using a ladder, I stood on the roof of my wife’s S.U.V. (note to self, need to make up story explaining dent on roof of S.U.V.).
But I must admit, I do have a terrible weakness for speed. And while said weakness has been limited to things with four wheels, I’ve always toyed with the notion of someday getting a motorcycle. I never took up motorcycle riding in my younger years, but now as I see older and older people leisurely riding their hogs, and parking their chrome babies in handicapped designated spots, I wonder; could it really be that risky?
The other day, as we were taking a drive on a minimally trafficked two lane road, a couple of kids went flying by us on sportbikes at near triple digit speeds.
My immediate response; “AWESOME! I WANT ONE!”
My wife’s response; “Young . . . healthy. . . perfect candidates for organ harvesting!”

My desire to ride motorcycles has since waned. Continue reading “Marriage and Motorcycles.”