Daily Docblock: International Espionage Edition

Around the world right now, there are evil nerds plotting attacks on our nation’s computer systems, while ours are plotting counter-attacks against theirs. But in my daily grind of looking at images sent from radiology centers, I have discovered something which could be wielded as a sort of super weapon in this war; the CT scan on C.D.  My plan is simple,  just send one  CT scan on C.D. to a high-placed member working on a sensitive computer network of one of our adversaries. It would labelled appropriately to entice the user to place it in the CD drive (“grandkid pictures”, “porn”, “Lady Gaga’s Latest Shoes”, etc. . .) Once the user places the CD in their computer, and clicks on any screen, then if these things work they same way they work on my computer, they are simply moments away from complete system shut down.

Their computers will freeze, becoming completely obstinate in their refusal to continue. If an attempt is made to close the program, or remove the disk, the program will ask for the disk to be placed back in the computer. If the disk is placed back in the computer, the program will state that the disk is not recognized. If an attempt is made to shut down the computer, the program will ask the user “are you sure?”. If the user clicks “no” the program will ask “why not?”. If the user clicks “yes” the program will reply with any number of vague responses such as “in progress…”, or “why?”.

 The process will be frustrating, maddening, even tech support gurus will be beffudled and have no choice but to  wonder about the wisdom of messing with a country that could produce something so diabolically powerful!