Diagnosis Texting

The Holy Profit Medical Center: Diagnosis Texting

“Holy Profit Medical Center” is a  series  of  fake satirical press releases and news articles  from an imaginary hospital. . . 

The Holy Profit Medical Center today announced a revolutionary new way of reaching out and communicating with our patients, by delivering test results via text message. Continue reading “Diagnosis Texting”

Proselytizing Articles

There was a time, long, long ago (in a galaxy far, far away) when going to the hospital meant going home with a gift basket. These days all u get are those weird pinkish/redish basins and a stinking urinal. It would appear, however that hospitals have substituted a new-age basket for your pleasure. Only, instead of getting an open-ass gown and a pair of grabby bottom socks you get a whole lot of infections with weird names. . .

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