The migration has begun. All over Michigan, the annual migration of flocks moving south is in full swing. And behind those flocks, the other annual Michigan migration is starting too. Our office is starting to see our winter ‘checkout’ patients before they migrate south for the winter. Continue reading “Snowbirds”

Diagnosis Texting

The Holy Profit Medical Center: Diagnosis Texting

“Holy Profit Medical Center” is a  series  of  fake satirical press releases and news articles  from an imaginary hospital. . . 

The Holy Profit Medical Center today announced a revolutionary new way of reaching out and communicating with our patients, by delivering test results via text message. Continue reading “Diagnosis Texting”

Proselytizing Articles

There was a time, long, long ago (in a galaxy far, far away) when going to the hospital meant going home with a gift basket. These days all u get are those weird pinkish/redish basins and a stinking urinal. It would appear, however that hospitals have substituted a new-age basket for your pleasure. Only, instead of getting an open-ass gown and a pair of grabby bottom socks you get a whole lot of infections with weird names. . .

Continue reading “Proselytizing Articles”