Healthcare Armageddon 3: Washington Argues Over Grandma’s New Shoes.

It started with The House of Representatives’ symbolic gesture of their disdain of all things Obama-care. It continues with the current bickering over fiscal policy in Washington D.C. Thus goes a debate that is destined to lead the country nowhere because it does not deal with the core of the problem. Continue reading “Healthcare Armageddon 3: Washington Argues Over Grandma’s New Shoes.”

Welcome to the New Site!

Welcome to our new site, After several months, of trying to tweak the previous site, I’ve decided to move the blog to a much simpler platform which will  be easier to use, and allow me to spend more time doing what I intended. . . writing!

Besides the new look, this site also features a facebook ‘like’ button which will accompany every article, and a separate comments section that will not link to your facebook page. Let me know what you think in the comments section, and feel free to contact me at

Death on Sale! Act Now!

A Message from the Tax Attorneys at Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.

This shopping season why not give your loved ones what they really want. . . your vast accumulated riches! Yes, that’s right, by taking advantage of an obscure loophole in the present tax system,  upon your death, you may hand over your entire estate to your wife, your secret mistress, your beloved pet, and your hard working foreign sounding groundskeeper without paying a dime in taxes to Uncle Sam! Talk about a Black Friday! Continue reading “Death on Sale! Act Now!”