I’m Tired Of. . .

It’s been a long few months. What with the recent death of a family member, the usual barrage at work, and trying to raise a family, I think I may be in the early stages of physician burnout. So I’m going to give myself liberty to do something I rarely do. . . I’m gonna complain. Oh yeah, I’m gonna gripe and whine, and cry like a little baby. Just this once. But don’t worry about me.  Because as you read this I’m sitting in a meditative cleansing trance, taking in beautiful scenery, and trust me,  it feels oh so good. So I’ll be back soon, batteries recharged, taking all the things I’m griping about here with a swing in my step and a smile on my face.

I’m tired of being the first person to have an end of life talk with a terminally ill person.
I’m tired of hearing all the justifications for why someone needs to smoke. Just say you’re not ready to quit. Seriously, I’m totally cool with that.
I’m tired of that annoying squeaking sound my shoes make.
I’m tired of saving someone’s life and then having to hear them complain about not getting any pudding today.
I’m tired of hearing about healthcare reform. Just say I’m getting paid less to do more and let’s move on.
I’m tired of taking care of people who are gaming the system to get something.
I’m tired of burnout specialists. Unless they’re doing smoky burnouts, then they’re awesome.
I’m tired of out of town children who show up and convince their elderly parent into doing things they don’t want.
I’m tired of dictating.
I’m tired of doctors who wear scrubs on television. Did they go directly from the O.R. to the studio?
I’m tired of dieting.
I’m tired of “M.D. notified” calls.
I’m tired of being put on hold.
I’m tired of being paged to a wrong number.
I’m tired to being paged to the right number.
I’m tired of chemo commercials that imply that if you don’t get chemo you’re a coward.
I’m tired of people who call themselves “survivors” of something that probably wasn’t going to kill them in the first place.
I’m tired of hearing about doughnut holes. Be glad you have a doughnut. Also don’t eat so many doughnuts.
I’m tired of ‘quality’ people who are extremely concerned about quality Monday thru Friday, from 9am to 5pm.                                                                                                                  I’m tired of doctors who drive German cars. Including myself. That’s why I also drive a Ford.
I’m tired of the dog that gets walked around the hospital. I don’t know his name, I call him Cdiff.
I’m tired of hearing “I’m just covering”.
I’m tired of people who call me Rama-lama-ding-dong and act like they’re the first person who thought of that.
I’m tired of having to be the one that says there’s nothing more that can be done.
I’m tired of facebook, can everyone’s life really be that wonderful?
I’m tired of job offers from recruiters that don’t say what the job is or where it is, or whether they use dollars there.
I’m tired of the epidemic of epidemics.
I’m tired of people that use the word paradigm.
I’m tired of being told by people that they need to sleep with their pets because they’re like family. . . how many other family members do they sleep with?
I’m tired of putting on isolation gowns and using those silly tonka-scopes.