Restraint Is Hard

Being a Hindu, I have no idea how it feels to give up chocolate for Lent. Also, as I’m a crappy Hindu, I’m not sure how it feels to give up eating meat either. But I imagine it must feel something like this self-imposed writing embargo I’ve placed on myself until mid-November, while I get through a busy spot at work and prepare for board exams, among other things.

It’s been particularly difficult because in the past year so much has appeared to have transpired in the medical (and in particularly the pulmonary, critical care, sleep world) that has me itching to write. From the ethics of EMS services initiating therapeutic hypothermia to the use of CT screening for lung cancer, I have been finding it hard to resist the call of my keyboard. But alas, blogging doesn’t pay the bills (it actually makes ’em), so I’ll keep focusing on what does, and in the meantime, I’ll throw a few recycled oldies-but-goodies your way.