Sandy Hook Elementary, Where I Chipped My Tooth on the Jungle Gym.

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Sandy Hook Elementary school will always be the place were I chipped my tooth on the jungle gym, the place with huge skylights in the ceilings, wide curving hallways filled with happy children and wonderful teachers. The firehouse was the place where parties and receptions were held. My heartbreaks for my Newtown. Be at peace children.

Written by my¬† brother, Ajith Ramachandran, who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School. We all grew up in Newtown, CT, where my mother still lives. It is a beautiful small town filled with wonderful memories for us. I attended St. Rose elementary school a few miles up route 6. I always remember Newtown as a safe place where people looked out for each other, but maybe that’s just nostalgia. As children we rode our bicycles all over town. The streets were narrow and hilly, meandering through thickly forested¬† land. In the summer it was dense forest filled with creeks and thick brush. Winters brought snow covered hills that were great for sledding. For a child, it was a wonderland waiting to be explored. The firehouse at Sandy Hook Elementary was a common meeting place to host functions, and my favorite was spaghetti dinners to raise money for kids activities. Nowadays I still look forward to bringing my kids back to Newtown to visit grandma and see a part of nature that they would otherwise never experience living in a suburban subdivision. A part of me will always be in Newtown, and it will always be home.